Photo captions — Third Floor East

(clockwise from elevator)

Greenwich Village artist

1930s (3E1)

A Greenwich Village artist uses the sedan to hawk her artwork.

Milk wagon

1939 (3E2)
Photographer: Bernice Abbott

A milk wagon at 8-10 Grove Street. Abbott's streetscapes often included horse-drawn wagons, relics of an earlier age. In this Grove Street photograph, taken the same day as several others near her Commerce Street studio, a horse-drawn wagon is her central subject. The Grove Street houses behind the milk wagon were built in the 1820s and remain largely unmodified.


undated (3E3)

Docks on the lower West Side, at Christopher Street. Notice the abbreviated horse cars of the period.

Confectionary parlor

1928 (3E4)

As typhoid fever hits the village, stores are forced to close.

Mandaro's cheese shop

1937 (3E5)
Photographer: Bernice Abbott

In the heart of Little Italy — anchored by the famous Church of Our Lady of Pompeii at Bleecker and Carmine Streets — were numerous food specialty shops, such as the cheese store run for 15 years by the Mandaro family at 276 Bleecker Street. Making their own products, such as caciotella and provotella, the Mandaros also imported cheeses, such as the Bel Paese lining the window's front edge. The Mandaro storefront has been taken over by John's Pizzeria, a neighborhood institution that opened in 1934.

McDougal Alley fiesta

circa 1917 (3E6)