Photo captions — Fourth Floor East

(clockwise from elevator)

The Pepper Pot

circa 1917 (4E1)
Photographer: Jessie Tarbox Beals

146 West Fourth Street, New York. The owner, "Doc" Sherlock, a veteran of the fledgling motion picture industry, sometimes permitted customers to tour his top-floor studio quarters. Meanwhile, "Tiny Tim" Felter, known as the Candy Man, peddled "soul" candies from table to table, each candy wrapped in a snippet of psychological verse.

West 8th Street

undated (4E2)

View of Greenwich Village, New York, at West 8th Street near Fifth Avenue.

Blizzard aftermath

1888 (4E3)

West 11th Street, looking west from Waverly Place (old Hammond Street). Aftermath of the blizzard.

Riley Stables

early 1920 (4E4)
Photographer: Thomas F. Conner

Greenwich Avenue, Northeast corner at Seventh Avenue. The Riley Stables, shown just before their demolition to make way for a Loew's cinema. The movie theater can be seen in a 1938 photo displayed on the Sixth Floor West. The car parked up Seventh Avenue is a 1915 Model Ford.

Charles Lane

1938 (4E5)
Photographer: Bernice Abbott

First paved in 1893, Charles Lane is still cobble-stoned, but its buildings, both old and new, are now residential. Although the elevated highway and freight viaduct have been demolished, the narrow alley has retained its scale and quaint character, after a successful battle in the late 1960s against a proposal for a high-rise housing project.

Minetta Place

1914 (4E6)