Photo captions — Sixth Floor East

(clockwise from elevator)

Washington Square

circa 1917 (6E1)
Photographer: Jessie Tarbox Beals

The Oasis of Washington Square, with Grace Godwin's Garret.

The Pirates Den

1920s (6E2)

Originally a tearoom on Christopher Street, the Pirates Den recreated the riggings, fittings, and buccaneer imagery of a pirate ship. Soon it evolved into a nightclub described as a "fantasy environment of lawless pleasure." The owner, Don Dickerson, a neighborhood character who was 6'6", greeted guests in full piratical garb, with a great coat, cocked hat, and bristling with flintlock pistols and a cutlass.

69 Downing Street

1915 (6E3)

Downing Street (formerly Herring Farm Road) at the corner of Varick.

Isba Tea Room

circa 1915 (6E4)
Photographer: Jessie Tarbox Beals

The Isba Tea Room on 4th Street. It is noted that the man depicted, Sashia, is "now a famous photographer in Europe."

Washington Oval

1955 (6E5)

Lionel Kilberg, an army veteran (2nd from left), was licensed to perform weekly song programs in public.

West 14th Street

circa 1900 (6E6)