Photo captions — Third Floor West

(clockwise from elevator)

The Village Barn

1955 (3W1)

Started in the 1920s by Meyer Horowitz, the Village Barn originally offered rural imagery, strange colors and barn dancing to commercial country orchestras. Shows were broadcast live on radio to the entire city.

Bella Abzug

1970 (3W2)
Photographer: Dagawitz

Campaigning near the Christopher Street subway station on Seventh Avenue South, outside of her campaign headquarters.

Grace Godwin's Garret

circa 1920s (3W3)
Photographer: Jessie Tarbox Beals

"A spaghetti hat — very successful."

A. Zito Bakery

1937 (3W4)
Photographer: Bernice Abbott

Anthony Zito had been in the neighborhood for many years, working out of a turn-of-the-century tenement on Bleecker Street. Although Zito's storefront was picturesque, the retail outlet represented a small portion of his profits. The heart of the business was in the basement, where bread was baked twice a day for delivery by truck to restaurants and groceries throughout the city. Zito's still operates at 259 Bleecker Street, run by Anthony's son Charles and grandson Charles, Jr. Behind the counter hangs a copy of Abbott's photograph.

Greenwich Village pigeon

1996 (3W5)
Photographer: Paul Oratofsky

Children in an empty lot

1914 (3W6)

West 10th Street