Photo captions — Fourth Floor West

(clockwise from elevator)

Gay Street

1961 (4W1)

From Waverly Place. Beginning before the Revolutionary War, Greenwich Village was home to a sizeable African American population, centered in "Little Africa" around Bleecker and Thompson Streets and on nearby Gay Street. The street was named in 1834 after lawyer Sidney Howard Gay, an abolitionist and editor of the Anti-Slavery Standard.

'Anything on Wheels' derby

1950 (4W2)

With the skull-and-crossbones design setting the cheerful mood of the racers, the 12th annual 'Anything on Wheels' derby is about to begin, sponsored by the Sloane Center, one of the seven New York children's centers maintained by the Children's Aid Society.

Moving day

1938 (4W3)

Shortly after the crash, early Moving Day, about 6:30 a.m. Greenwich Avenue, looking north from 11th Street. By legislation, all leases in New York City began and ended on October 1st, causing chaos in the streets as everyone tried to move belongings on the same day.

"When in Rome..."

1954 (4W4)

The New York City Traffic Department decided to locate the city's only foreign language street sign in Greenwich Village's Little Italy.

Jack Delaney's Restaurant

1940 (4W5)

Night View of Jack Delaney's Restaurant in Sheridan Square.

Social worker

undated (4W6)

New York City tenement district social worker.