Photo captions — Fifth Floor West

(clockwise from elevator)

Grace Godwin's Garret

circa 1910 (5W1)
Photographer: Jessie Tarbox Beals

58 Washington Square. Grace Godwin was a young single mother with four children who took over an infamous dive and print shop formerly called Bruno's Garret. Her spaghetti shop and tea room catered to locals and tourists with "tasty, inexpensive table d'hote and good-natured service." "Word soon spread that at Grace's Garret one could observe aspiring Village painters scratching graffiti onto the restaurant walls, or rub elbows with impoverished poets and budding Bolsheviks." (Jan Seigler Ramirez, Greenwich Village).

Slum kids

circa 1900 (5W2)

Slum kids with giant bread loaf and pretzel.

Circle in the Square Theater

undated (5W3)
From a stereo photograph

Sheridan Square. Founded in 1951 in a former Village nightclub by Jose Quintero and Theodor Man, The Circle in the Square is credited with beginning the Off-Broadway theater scene in 1952, with a successful staging of Tennessee William's Summer and Smoke, which had bombed uptown.

"I could spend hours..."

undated (5W4)
Photographer: Jessie Tarbox Beals

Will O' The Wisp Tea Room, Sheridan Square.

100 Bedford Street

1945 (5W5)
Photographer: Herman Schweinert

Will O' The Wisp Tea Room, Sheridan Square.

The Suydam Stove Company

1909 (5W6)

550 Hudson Street.