What is the lobby phone number?


What are the doorman's hours?

The doorman hours are 7 am to midnight.

What are the hours for the laundry room?

The laundry room is open from 7:30 am to 11 pm. Residents who need payment cards should contact Ditmas Management (516-374-7000). Please report any problems with the washers or dryers according to the instructions posted in the laundry room.

How do I view the lobby's vestibule camera from my apartment?

Residents with a digital cable box from Spectrum can view the vestibule camera by watching channel 998. If you have the older analog cable box, you will have to upgrade to a digital cable box in order for this to work.

How can I get a storage locker?

To request one of the storage lockers located in basement, contact Ditmas Management (516-374-7000). Currently, all lockers are rented, but you can request that your name be added to the wait list. Recent wait list times range from 1-3 years. See the Guidelines for Shareholders for more information about storage lockers.

How can I get a bike storage space?

Bike storage spaces in the basement are available for a $75 annual fee and are in limited supply. To request one, contact Ditmas Management (516-374-7000). See the Guidelines for Shareholders and the April 2009 bike memo for more information about bike storage.

Why don't we have a roof deck?

There has been tremendous interest in a roof deck. The current plan is to consider a roof deck when the roof is next replaced.

Why don't we have a 24-hour doorman?

At various times some shareholders have expressed interest in expanding doorman service for the building from 17 to 24 hours per day. The increased cost to Abingdon Court for this service would result in a maintenance fee increase for all shareholders. In addition, if service is expanded, it could never be returned to 17 hour service due to the union contract. The Board has considered this issue and, to date, has determined not to expand doorman service.

I'd like to make renovations. What do I need to do?

The Board is generally in favor of renovations that shareholders choose to make to their apartments. Renovations must be planned appropriately (including the use of an architect/engineer for structural changes), comply with all applicable city regulations/codes, and be submitted to the Board for approval. For more details, see the Shareholders Guide and/or contact Ditmas Management.